Amazing dragonflies share skies with birds, other winged things

I am on vacation in Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend, so here are some recent photos of dragonflies that I have taken so far this spring.


Slaty Skimmer selects a delicate perch at the water’s edge.


This Painted Skimmer was a new visitor to the fish pond.


Lily pads are popular resting spots and excellent for basking in the sun.


Eastern Pond Hawk chooses a perch just above the water’s surface.


Widow Skimmers are one of the more vibrant dragonflies at the pond. They will often perch a good distance away from the water.


Mating Eastern Pondhawks at the fish pond.


Spangled Skimmer is an attractive dragonfly.


The aptly named 12-Spotted Skimmer is an unmistakable dragonfly.


Some dragonflies prefer a more vertical perch.


Female Common Whitetail Skimmer warms herself on the gravels heated by the sunshine.



Blue Dasher photographed during a recent trip to South Carolina.

Blue Dasher photographed during a recent trip to South Carolina.


The Fragile Forktail is a common damselfly at the fish pond.


Common Whitetail Skimmer perched on a branch at the fish pond.


Probably a Needham’s Skimmer photographed during a recent visit to Pawleys Island, South Carolina.


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